Remember life 10 years ago? Could you imagine today? Can you imagine the future?

The internet, smartphones, electrical cars, 3D printing, the sharing economy have all taken off within the last 10 years. Paradigm shifts are happening ever faster. However, Higher Education has been the same for a thousand years. If there is a paradigm shift coming, it will be fueled by the demands of the student of the future.

Join us in a one day travel through time, visiting both the near as well as the further future, seen through the eyes of students. What does that mean for us educators, which directions are interesting? Where can we lead, where should we follow, and what can we do better tomorrow for a brighter future?

The face of higher education worldwide continues to dramatically change and evolve. Every generation has its own ambition, and understanding the student of the future is not an easy task. Today’s students are increasingly multinational, wanting to make an impact on the world, and striving for a brighter future.  They also have more choices than ever at their fingertips regarding how and where to get an education or pursue a career.

The purpose of this pre-conference day is to give anyone working in international education the chance to discuss and discover insights about the next generation of students and the future education landscape. With the guidance of futurist and front runners, we will be on uncovering trends within higher education and advising universities on how to prepare for the upcoming student generation.  Join us for inspiring discussions and useful workshops.

Among the topics, we will also focus on:

  • Technology and education: what is next?
  • The study choice process: what matters and why?
  • Latest trends from front-runners in the USA
  • Going mobile: why it matters and how to get it done?
  • Communicating with international students: tips and tricks
  • What makes a great international study experience?
  • Using analytics of the past for guaranteed success in the future

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