David Bowie is

Are you interested in joining the Student of the Future Conference on April 5th in Groningen? Would you like to not only travel to the future to learn about the future of education but also do a reverse time travel to the past? Connect your trip with a cultural activity!

The exhibition ‘David Bowie is’ is the first international retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie – one of the most pioneering and influential performers of modern times. Bowie, one of Britain’s most successful and pioneering musicians passed away in January 2016 at the age of 69. In this exhibition more than 300 objects including handwritten lyrics, original costumes, photography, set designs, album artwork and rare performance material from the past five decades were brought together from the David Bowie Archive for the very first time. It demonstrated how Bowie’s work has both influenced and has been influenced by wider movements in art, design, theatre and contemporary culture and focused on his creative processes, shifting style and collaborative work with diverse designers in the fields of fashion, sound, graphics, theatre and film.

Andreas Blühm, director of the Groninger Museum:

“We are very happy and proud to have this exhibition in the Netherlands and to share the experience with our visitors. It is an imagination-boosting exhibition, not only for David Bowie fans, but for a broad public. On top of that the interface between fashion, design and contemporary art links up perfectly with the Groninger Museum.”

The exhibition is curated by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The exhibition’s multi-media design introduced Sennheiser’s advanced sound technology alongside theatrical scene-setting, original animations and video installations to create an immersive journey through the artistic influences that Bowie has cited as formative. The advanced sound technology, which is also used in stage productions, animations and video installations creates a fascination journey through the artistic influences of David Bowie. Around 300,000 people have already seen the ‘David Bowie is”exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. A host of notable figures have visited the exhibition including Debbie Harry, Dame Vivienne Westwood, Robert Redford, Anna Wintour en Kate Moss.

Get your tickets for the Student of the Future Conference here and for the ‘David Bowie is’ exhibition at the homepage of the Groninger Museum.