The city of Groningen has excellent connections to all main airports and railway stations in the Netherlands. It is located in the northeast of the Netherlands, approximately 200 km from Amsterdam and 250 km from Bremen, Germany.

Wondering how to reach Groningen? Whether you are planning to arrive by plane, car or train, we got you covered!






Once you have reached the city, you might be wondering how to get around. As Groningen is the capital city of bicycles you will encounter lots of bikes in the city. However if you are not too much into biking, Groningen has an excellent public transport system.

From its Central Station it only takes you several minutes to walk to the city centre. Just cross the Werkmanbridge connecting the station and the Groninger Museum. You can also take a bus or taxi. All buses depart from Groningen Central Station. In Groningen the public transport chip card (OV-Chipkaart) system is used in all forms of public transport.

If you haven’t got a bike the bus is the best option. All buses, which are operated by Qbuzz run through Central station. Most buses have a stop at the Grote Markt. The major bus lines are listed below. Tickets are available by the driver (you can buy a Eurokaartje, cost €2) or see the OV-chipkaart sections on the Netherlands page for other payment methods.

More information on local transport services can be found HERE.