Big data: acting on real student behavior: facts of demand vs supply, segments and competition

A2 April 5, 2016 2:05 pm - 4:20 pm

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Thijs van Vugt
Renske van Dijk

StudyPortals’ Analytics and Consulting Team (ACT) will discuss student recruitment insights based on data of over 13 million visitors and over 300,000 registered students that can help in your international student recruitment strategy. We will be looking at insights about the top countries students want to study in, but also by discipline popularity among the various study destination countries, and where the students are coming from. Who are your international competitors for your programmes if you want to recruit students from a given country? You should join this workshop if you’re interested in learning more about:

  • top destination countries,
  • top countries of origin in relation to the different (sub) disciplines as well as
  • a comparison between a selection of student recruitment countries and regions.

During the session, the ACT team will also show how StudyPortals’ data can provide insights into when to promote your programmes which, when combined with data from our competitor tool, can help inform your marketing and recruitment strategy. To give you the chance to go into detail into the topic, the sessions are scheduled for two hours with a short coffee break, to give you the chance to truly learn about big data and its use in higher education.