What’s next in international education?

Zernikezaal April 5, 2016 10:15 am - 10:55 am

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Neil Kemp

With globalisation on the rise, the increasing marketization and privatisation of higher education and the growth of transnational delivery, students have more study options than ever before. Neil Kemp will review the emerging trends in international education, their inter-dependence and their potential short and long-term impact, including:

  • Where are the likely opportunities (and challenges) of transnational education?
  • Where might international students of the future come from, what will they study and where will be their study destinations?
  • How should universities respond to the ever-changing international operating environment:
    • o    Where are the evolving opportunities for research cooperation?
    • o    How might student exchange and study abroad evolve?
    • o    What is emerging in terms of university Internationalisation strategies?