Student demographics in 2050

Futurists say tech key to HE access, grad readiness

The pace of technological developments is set to increase at an unprecedented rate in the next ten years, but how this will impact learning environments, skills training and access to education was discussed by futurists and education leaders at the StudyPortals Student of the Future conference this week. Using video images of the 2011 tsunami […]

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David Bowie is

David Bowie Exhibiton at Groninger Museum

Are you interested in joining the Student of the Future Conference on April 5th in Groningen? Would you like to not only travel to the future to learn about the future of education but also do a reverse time travel to the past? Connect your trip with a cultural activity! The exhibition ‘David Bowie is’ […]

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Back to the future

Remember life 10 years ago? Could you imagine today? Can you imagine the future? The internet, smartphones, electrical cars, 3D printing, the sharing economy have all taken off within the last 10 years. Paradigm shifts are happening ever faster. However, Higher Education has been the same for a thousand years. If there is a paradigm […]

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